The Lavender House - Home of "Treasures Under the Tents" Vintage and Handmade Market
Our Story

    The Lavender House started out as the first house my parents, Larry & Pat, purchased when they first got married. It is a cute farmhouse sitting on a hill in the front center of 20 beautiful acres. 13 of the acres are lovely old fir trees. 

They lived in it for a couple years and then moved to Forks, Wa. (before the Vampires came to town). So they rented it out. Eventually it ended up vacant and the local teens had fun spray painting it and breaking all the windows. Years later, My husband and I decided to build a house on the property and in doing so the big question came up..."What do we do with the little green house"...(it was green before I got a hold of it.)  My mom just couldn't tear it down, so I said " I have an idea".

    I had been doing local craft shows for a few years and loved to have large barn wood displays. They were so cool, and people always complimented on how beautiful the display was, but the hubs grew tired of hauling those heavy old barn doors and barn wood peaks. So my great idea was to ask Mom if she would let me clean up the farm house and sell my creations out of it during Christmas. She was thrilled that we weren't going to tear it down and we were actually gonna use it. And the hubs was thrilled he didn't have to set up displays anymore. (little did he know).
    So the adventure of fixing up The Lavender House started. Of course we were in the process of building our own house at the same time. I never said my timing was ever very good!! We had a new roof put on and all new windows put in and the first year we only opened the Living Room and the Sun Porch. Then I had the hubs cut an arch in the sun porch wall to join it to a bedroom. We fixed up the other bedroom as work and storage room, and I am currently remodeling the kitchen into my Art studio. It has been a lot of work and elbow grease to get The Lavender House into it current condition. I still have plenty of work to get it into the shape I want The Lavender House to be in. I have to keep telling my self...Baby steps!

    Originally, I was the only vendor, then I got my Mom involved in creating items for The Lavender House. Occasionally my sister , Laney, has made things. Then I decided it was just way to much space to fill by myself so I added so additional vendors. Linda N. And Shari are great sewers. Linda from Back Lane Gardens makes the best soap and cement leaf soap dishes. 
Then I found out one of my dearest friends use to craft but had quit.  Kim turned out to be just as crazy and in love with all things rusty, dusty and old, just like me. She does lovely stitcheries and pillows. That is just a small taste of the creative and unique items we sell.

 So the 3 of us, My mom, (we call her Papa Pat) Kim and I are going to take The Lavender House to the next level!!! The Lavender House is in full swing and the BEST is yet to come...we have a hundred ideas of which direction to take this venture, but my Mom, Kim and I are on a mission. Once we narrow down our options we will keep you posted. 

Thank you so much for visiting The Lavender House website. Keep checking back with us for updates and announcements!!!

The Lavender House

We hope that everyone will enjoy keeping up to date with us!

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